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Warning: Please read my description below before reading the story.

Alice pouted as she sat in the playpen. She squirmed in her full diaper, trying to ignore the itch as the mess caked her bottom.

“You better be playing with your toys when I come and che-eck!” came a sing-song voice from the kitchen. Ellen had set her in the playpen, surrounded by infantile toys, as she waited for guests to arrive. Alice shuddered. Guests. While she was in diapers. This was going to be a nightmare.

Sighing, she turned her attention to the toys around her. There were a few stuffed animals, a truck or two, some lettered blocks, rattles, plastic rings… anything you’d expect for an infant. She picked up some blocks and made them into a tower, then used a small toy fire truck to knock it over. Perhaps she could at least take some of her anger out.

The doorbell rang. Alice squeezed her eyes shut, not wanting to know who was coming through to add to her humiliation.

She heard voices coming from the front door. Ellen was speaking to a group of women. Finnally a voice she recognized, Ellen’s friend Samantha, spoke up loudly. “Well enough of that! Where is the little girl?” The other voices followed, agreeing they wanted to see her.

Alice froze. They were coming her way. Already she was blushing, horrified at the thought of being seen yet again.

“Awww, would you look at that? She looks so cute! And she was pwaing with her widdle bwoks!”  

“Ewww! Look! She filled her diaper! She stinks! I don’t want to go near her!”

Samantha spoke again. “Hey, you can’t complain when a baby messes her diaper! That’s what they are there for! Come here little one.” She bent over and picked up Alice, resting a hand under her diaper and mushing it around. She then sat down on a nearby couch, resting Alice on her lap with a squish. “But you are a stinky little girl, aren’t you? Hey? Who’s a tinky widdle giwl? Who’s a tinky baby?” She began to tickle Alice, forcing her to laugh. To her shame, she realized anyone would assume she was laughing at the baby voice.
“Huh? Who’s a tinky baby? I’m not going to stop tickling till I get my answer! Who’s a widdle baby wit a messy diapie?” She kept tickling Alice harder and harder.

Alice closed her eyes and tried, unsuccessfully, to refrain from laughing. She knew the Samantha wouldn’t stop until she admitted to the humiliating truth, but the idea of putting it into words was horrifying to her. It was clear she was in diapers, and that she had used them, and by now any number of people had seen her in the humiliating outfits…. But actually admitting to her new status just seemed a step to far.

The tickling continued. Samantha also began to bounce her knee up and done, mushing Alice’s own messy diaper over and over. Her position was getting more and more uncomfortable. Finally, she blurted out “I am! I am a stinky baby!”

“Oh, is that right? And why are you a stinky baby?”

“Because I used my diaper!”

“And why are you in diapers? Tell us how much you love them, and how much you love to mess. And speak properly, like a baby”

Alice whimpered but continued. “I…I wear diapies cause I is a widdle baby! And I wuv them a wot! I wove my messy diapies!” Alice shouted, on the edge of tears.

“Good baby,” Samantha said. She stopped tickling, and Alice breathed a sigh of relief. Samantha turned Alice around to face the circle of grinning women, then began bouncing her knee again. Alice grimaced as her mess was constantly squished against her.

“So, what are we going to do with our baby?” one of the other women, named Sarah, asked.

Ellen replied. “Well, first we are going to wait until a few more people show up.” Alice groaned at that. “Then I thought we would have her modal some outfits for us and decide which makes her look the cutest. Then we will take turns feeding her and see how much she can take. We will change her diapers as a group, and tuck her into her crib for an early bedtime. Also, of course, we will remember to give her lots of spankings and punishments if she is ever naughty. For now, why don’t we give the baby her bottle? Who wants to feed her?”

“Oh I do! I do!” each of the women shouted, almost in unison. They began to argue over who got to feed Alice.

“Don’t worry; there are plenty of bottles to go around. We will each get a change.”

Alice watched as Ellen walked into the kitchen and returned with a tray full of plastic baby bottles, each filled with milk or juice. A bottle of milk was handed to Samantha, who put the teat into Alice’s mouth.

“Drink up baby girl!” Samantha said. Wanting to avoid punishment, Alice obeyed. She suckled on the bottle as quickly as she could, wanting to get the ordeal over with. Samantha kept bouncing her as she drank. Soon she was finished.

“Alright, who’s next?” Ellen asked. Another one of the women, whom Alice did not recognize, volunteered first. Alice groaned as she was lifted off Samantha’s lap and placed onto the stranger’s, again getting bounced up and down as she was fed the baby bottle. She could feel her own mess getting mushier and mushier from the bouncing, and hated to think of what the state of her diaper was.

Though she tried to drink as fast as she could in the beginning, it became harder and harder as more bottles were put into her mouth. She felt her stomach fill up and bloat with each one. She knew eventually it would come out, and frankly she wasn’t sure if her diaper could handle that much more of a mess.

More people began to arrive as she was fed. Each one saw her, cooed over her outfit or gagged at her diapers, and took turns feeding her. The short ordeal quickly became a long nightmare as she lost count of the people who poured into her house for the opportunity to see her in a diaper.
Worst of all came when Mark entered the house. Her ex-boyfriend, whom she had ran into earlier, took delight in seeing her humiliated in front of all her friends and enemies. He picked her up and sat her on his lap, bottle in hand.

“Not much different from when we were dating, eh? Except this time you look a bit cuter, but smell a bit worse.” He began to feed her. Finally Alice could take it no more. Her stomach was bloated and she was full beyond belief.

She shook her head and spat the milk out. “No! Please! I can’t drink anymore god damn it! I’m full!”

Mark glared at her. “Alice, I’m warning you. You better be a good baby or you will suffer the consequences.”

“Please! I’ll be a good baby! I just can’t drink anymore!” Alice pleaded.

Mark shook his head. “Good babies don’t argue. You should know that.” With that, he picked her up.

Quickly Alice found her position on his lap changed so that she was lying over it. Not again! She squeezed her eyes shut and whimpered. She knew exactly what was coming. She began to beg, shouting “please! No spankings! Not again!” But her cries were unheeded.

The first blow landed across her messy behind with a loud WHACK! and SQUISH!- The simultaneous sounds of her bum getting smacked and her full diaper getting squished. The second one landed even harder, as did the third. It was clear he was only getting warmed up, and each blow landed with savage strength and professional precision. WHACK WHACK WHACK! Alice was soon screaming and crying as she was spanked by her former boyfriend.

Mark began to slow down, and she thought it was over. To her horror, she was simply picked up again, placed across the next lap in line, and the spanking continued. Soon she was wailing a new. It seemed like everyone she ever met wanted a chance to spank her, and they were going to get it.

She would have thought, after everything she had been through, her bottom would eventually go numb to all the spankings. However, each blow simply stung more and more as she went from lap to lap.

Finally she got to Ellen, who took her time spanking her, then stood her up on the ground. “Alright Alice, I think that’s enough spankings for now, but your punishment isn’t over. You were very naughty to argue, and you used some words babies should never use. We need to wash those naughty words out of your mouth, and give you time to think about what you did. Come with me.”

She took the sobbing diaper girl by the hand and led her out of the living room and into the kitchen. Once there, Alice saw what her next humiliation would be. One of the corners had been decorated with a sign that read “naughty girl,” and an arrow pointing down into it. The floor was covered with a mat that had “Bad baby” written all over it.

“Here, I want you to write “I am a naughty baby for arguing. I need to be spanked and have my mouth washed out.” Then sign it.” She handed Alice a piece of blank paper and a blue crayon.

Alice wrote as best she could as Ellen walked away. She returned a moment later with some tap and a bar of soap. “Her, give that to me,” she said. Alice handed her the paper. Ellen turned her around and taped the paper onto her back. “Now, into the corner! March!” She smack Alice’s bottom repeatedly until she made it to the naughty corner.

Next, Ellen took the bar of soap and lifted it to Alice’s face. “Open wide sweetie!” Alice pouted, knowing what was going to happen, but obeyed. The foul tasting bar was shoved roughly into her mouth. Ellen swished the soap back and forth, filling Alice’s mouth with disgusting bubbles. She whined as the awful flavor got stronger and stronger.

“Alright. You stand her and think about what you did. Don’t you dare look away from the corner, and don’t even thinking about taking that soap out, or we will start again with the spankings. Got it?” Alice nodded glumly.

Facing a blank wall with nothing to do did give Alice time to think, but not about her alleged crime of arguing. Each and every sensation, every horrible humiliation she was subjected to, became stronger and stronger. The horrid, itchy mess around her bottom got more and more uncomfortable. She could feel the massive load sliding around each time she so much as shivered. The smell emanating from her diapers seemed stronger, filling her nostrils with its raunchy odor. The newest sensation, the taste of the soap made her gag. Worse yet, her humiliation was all the more unbearable with nothing else to think about. She could hear the guests talking about her and giggling behind her back. Once in a while one would come up and pat her bottom, as if to make sure that she was, in fact, the source of the smell.

After a while Ellen returned. At first Alice thought the punishment was over, but she was wrong. “A few of us were talking,” Ellen said “and we decided that a simple time out isn’t enough of a punishment. I have all these contraptions to tie you up, I should use one. Bend over and touch your toes.”

Surprised and confused, Alice obeyed. Soon she found her hands tied into clasps and pulled even lower then she could bring them herself. They were attached to her ankles, leaving her stuck bent 180 degrees.

To think that just being in the corner seemed bad! Bent over as she was, her head was horribly close to her own diaper, and the smell was even more overpowering then before. She was certain she would have tasted it if it weren’t for the soap in her mouth. The bending also pulled her diaper close around her bottom, making the mess all the more uncomfortable. Her back quickly began to ache, and there was no way for her to get up to release the pain. Worse yet, her position seemed like an invitation for people to come by and play with her behind. More and more smacks, pats, and pinches landed on her, and one man had the ingenuity to write “Spank Here!” across her diaper.

After what seemed like ages she was let up. Her back was aching, her stomach was nauseated from the smell and taste, and she was humiliated beyond belief. Mark and Ellen stood in front of her. They took the soap out of her mouth, picked her up, and placed her in a large, pink, high chair. The tray was placed in front of her and locked in place, ensuring there was no escape.

“Now sweetie, I know we said we would let you model your cute outfits before we feed you, but your punishment sort of cut into that. So, it’s time for num nums! Open wide!” She placed a spoon into a bowl and brought it to Alice’s lips.

Though she still felt bloated from all the bottles earlier, Alice opened her mouth to accept the food, expecting mushed fruit or the like. To her surprise, it seemed to be chilli. Piles of meat and beans were shoved into her mouth. She wondered what Ellen was up too. Being fed adult food seemed… odd.
One thing she quickly realized about the chili was that it was hot. VERY hot. Soon she was whimpering as her tong was burned by the spicy food.

“Awww, is it too hot for da widdle baby?” Ellen asked. “Here, have some milk.” She put a bottle of milk to Alice’s mouth, and Alice drank thirstily. Immediately after, she was fed more chilli, followed by more milk, and on and on. The bowl of food was immense, and Ellen seemed determined to ensure Alice ate every last scrap.

When she was finally finished, her stomach was aching and churning. Ellen took her out of the high chair and brought her up the stairs into her humiliating bedroom turned nursery. Once there, Alice saw that all the guests had filled the room. The smiled and cheered as she entered several of them reaching to pat or pinch her diapered bottom.

“Alright baby girl, it’s time to play dress up!” Mark laughed as Alice stared at the array of outfits in front of her. He shoved a large pink pacifier into her mouth, attached a strap, and buckled it behind her head, silencing any argument.

Each guest seemed to have a different favorite outfit for her to try on. She was dressed in a dozen different costumes, each humiliating in its own way. Tight pants with “Spank Me” written across the bottom crushed her diaper. A pink dress with a frilly skirt that left her diaper almost entirely exposed. Footy pyjamas with pacifiers and bottles on them, and “Uh oh!” written on a humiliating back flap.  A bright green onesie with teddy bears on it which came with a matching bear she was made to hug and cuddle. A full, hooded bunny suit, complete with a tail and paw shaped feet. She was made to pose in a dozen different positions, bending over, crawling, hugging bears and toys, sitting on people’s laps and on the floor with her toys as she tried on countless baby outfits. Each one earned her more coos, pinches, hugs, and tickles, not to mention pictures and videos.

As the “dress up game” wore on, her stomach continued to churn. The chili and litres of milk mixed into her stomach, causing it to ache and grown. She let out a loud fart, exciting laughter and diaper pats from the people around her. She winced and tried to hold it in, but more and more came out, causing more and more people to laugh or jokingly plug their noses. She realized she would soon be filling her diaper yet again, and prayed it wouldn’t overflow.

It seemed she needn’t worry about that. Ellen watched her closely, noticing her stomach grumbling and the uncontrollable gas. Just as Alice was sure she was about to explode into her diaper, Ellen spoke up.

“Ok everyone!” Ellen said “I think that is enough of that. It’s time for her diaper change. Let’s get this stinky little baby into her night time diapers and put her to bed!” The guests nodded in agreement.

Alice stared at her. Night time diapers? It was barely the afternoon! Was she meant to spend the entire time in the same diaper?

Samantha picked her up and carried her toward the bathroom. She tried to squirm and complain. She was on the verge of messing again! This was the worst possible time for a change; she would just fill her diapers immediately! She tried to voice her complaint, but the pacifier kept her arguments silent. Instead, she merely whined and whimpered as she was carried.

The guests lay her down on the counter. Ellen undid her diaper, exposing her mess and causing a chorus of ewwws and laughter. One of the women opened the window and turned a fan on. Ellen turned her until she was face down with her legs over the edge and her bottom bent 90 degrees. Ellen had had straps installed, and her hands and feet were tied in place. The diaper was removed. To her disgust and horror, it was pulled around and rested directly under her face. The guests acted as if this was perfectly natural and ignored Alice’s muffled screams and cries. The smell, that close to her nose, was horrific. She strained her neck trying to keep her face away from the overflowing diaper.

She felt a baby wipe on her bum. She couldn’t see who it was, but someone was cleaning her. The guests had filled the bathroom, and were taking turns wiping her down. She couldn’t believe it. Even after all that had happened, having all the people she knew take turns changing her diaper and cleaning her bottom… it was beyond humiliating. She simply broke down and sobbed as she was wiped. At the same time, the churning in her stomach got worse and worse. She struggled to keep from messing the ground in front of them all, though a few farts still escaped her to her utmost embarrassment.

Once they were done, she was untied and turned over. She inhaled deeply, savoring the fresh breath after what seemed like an eternity with the smell of her own diaper constantly around her. By now the pressure inside her was unbearable, and she knew the second a fresh diaper was put around her, she would be forced to fill it again.
Despite this, Ellen seemed to be moving incredibly slowly. She stopped over a pile of diapers, staring at each one as if deciding which to force Alice into. Finally she settled on a thick, pink cloth diaper. It had tiny flowers all over the front and frills along the side. The diaper was placed under Alice’s bottom, and a pair of locking plastic pants was placed beside her. Ellen sprinkled baby powder over her, and the thick padding was pulled between her legs. It was far thicker than any of the disposables, and Alice’s legs were forced almost into a split. This, Alice assumed, was why it was a “night time diaper.” She really would be spending the entire night in it. Given it was about to be filled up, this meant she was in for a very uncomfortable night.

The Velcro straps were sealed, and the plastic pants were pulled over her and locked in place. Alice could bear it no longer. As soon as the plastic pants were on, her gut emptied itself into her diaper. It quickly became apparent why Ellen had fed her chilli. The spicy food, combined with the milk, had created a mess far worse than any of the other foods Alice was forcibly feed. A stream of liquid mush poured out of her. It burned far more than her previous loads, and quickly her cheeks stung horribly. It felt like an acid was pouring out of her and filling her diaper. She knew the instant it began she would quickly get a rash, and a terrible one at that. The smell too was worse, and filled her nostrils despite the extra thick padding. Alice teared up and whimpered at the horrible, even painful mush in her diaper.

The guests quickly noticed what she was doing, and began to laugh.

“What, couldn’t you last longer than that?” Sarah asked, giggling.

“Five seconds Alice! You lasted five seconds! Is it too much to ask for you to keep your pants clean for even a minute?!” Mark added.

“HAHAH EWWW! It’s even worse than before! You were just waiting for your chance, weren’t you? I bet you like the feel! HAHAHAHA” Samantha laughed, plugging her nose.

Alice could only pout and moan through her pacifier as the uncontrollable stream of foul mush poured into her diaper. Ellen picked up the still messing diaper girl and carried her into her bedroom. She dressed Alice in a set of close fighting baby blue footed pyjamas that made her bulging diaper comically obvious. And just in case her position as a giant baby wasn’t obvious enough, pictures of animals in diapers covered the entire thing.
She undid the strap on Alice’s pacifier. “Ok baby girl” she said “It’s time for you to take a nap. I want you to go around to each guest, thank them for taking care and changing you, apologize for your stinky diapers, and say good night. Make sure to give everyone nice kisses and use your cutest baby voice. Understood?”

Alice only whimpered and nodded. She walked up to the first guest, one of Ellen’s friend’s named Chris. “Hewwo Cwis. Tank oo for changing me, an I is sowwy for being a stinky baby. Goo night!” She leaned forward and kissed Chris on the cheek.

“Goodnight little one! Be a good baby!” Chris kissed her back and patted her diaper. Alice continued on to the next guest, repeated the same routine, and went on again. After humiliating herself yet again in front of everyone, the guests waved goodbye and began to move away, going down the stairs.

“Alright, well then, let’s get you tucked in, shall we?” Ellen said, replacing the pacifier and strap in Alice’s mouth so she couldn’t argue. Alice could only sigh as she was led back into the nursery and into the oversized crib.

She had assumed she would simply be locked in. However, Ellen didn’t seem satisfied with that. She lay Alice on her stomach, then tied her hands behind her back. She pulled her feet up and attached her hands to her ankles, leaving her hog tied and squirming miserably. Alice cried and screamed at her, but the pacifier muffled her words and Ellen ignored her.

“Alright sweetie, you have fun in your crib. Get some rest, ok?” She left and flicked off the lights, though the sun shining through the blinds was almost as bright.

Alice struggled fruitlessly against her bonds. After a moment, she simply gave up. The position was just as uncomfortable as being bent forward. Being unable to move meant there was no way for Alice to sooth the itch and sting from her own mess, or block the smell from her nostrils. She felt her gut churn again, and a new wave of mess tried to force itself into her diaper. Alice began to sob, and prepared herself for a long, stinky, and uncomfortable night.
Part 1: 
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Part 2: 
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Warning: This story contains abdl and bondage themes. If that is not your thing, please move on. Also, this story is somewhat different from my others. Less cute, and more embarrassing/ messy. So please be warned, and don't complain otherwise.

So I've finally decided to do another part of this story. There will be another one, maybe two, then it will be finished.
As always, comments/ critiques are appreciated.

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Wooooow...(0_o) She's havin a rough time. I honestly feel bad for her, even if she was a jerk in the past. Hopefully things will get better for her.  
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